Searching For A "Henderson Florist Near Me?"

Is there anything better than the beautiful landscape of Henderson NV? Imagine bringing a part of this landscape back home to your front door or giving it as a gift to someone you love? Now this is all possible thanks to the fast and affordable flower delivery of Tiger Lily Floral! We are proud to have prepared floral arrangements in Henderson Nevada for years! With premier flower arrangements and the best florist staff in the business, we are happy to continue serving our amazing customers in Henderson. Our flowers are ready for any special occasion you may have, with a staff that takes timely flower delivery and customer care as our priorities. 

Make your home, work, or next date night sparkle with a beautiful bouquet, hand-picked from a trained florist at one of our local flower shops. Our flower arrangements come in all different shapes and sizes, meaning we truly have something for everyone!

Picking the Perfect Flowers

Finding beautiful flowers or the perfect floral gifts for that special someone can be difficult. Luckily, we have a trained florist in Henderson NV, assigned specifically to you, to help with your floral needs! We only serve our customers the freshest flowers, meaning you will always be receiving beautiful, well-trimmed floral arrangements. Our in-house florist is constantly monitoring our floral availabilities, giving us the ability to offer you the flowers you deserve. Are you looking for a beautiful bouquet or special arrangement for an important day? Let us know and we can offer you extra additions to add to your delivery, like Godiva chocolate, teddy bears, or balloons. Moreover, if you are looking for a specific color, please let your florist know and we will be sure to check our multiple locations as well as inventory to help make your order perfect.

Where Are You Located in Henderson NV?

We actually have multiple locations in the Las Vegas, Nevada, area allowing us to deliver to more customers than ever before. We provide top-notch flower delivery and beautiful bouquet delivery to North Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley, Summerlin, and Southern Highlands. We, unfortunately, do not deliver at this time to: Nellis Air Force Base, Callahan Hospital on the base, Boulder City, Mt Charleston, Kyle Canyon, Indian Springs, Jean, Primm or Sandy Valley, NV. 

If you wish to pick up your flowers in person from a florist as opposed to opting for delivery in Henderson NV, or are outside of one of our designated pickup areas, please call us directly at (702) 737-7077 and we will be happy to assist you with which location is nearest to you and your current location in Henderson NV.

Henderson NV & Floral Arrangements

We already know Henderson and Las Vegas can get HOT! However, a lot of residents in the Henderson area are unsure of how to properly handle and care for both their outdoor and indoor plants. Because each floral arrangement requires a different amount of sunlight, please take a moment to ask us about the proper care of your flowers. It is also important to recognize how often you would like to care for your new flowers. We have flowers that vary on the amount of water required to keep them strong and healthy. If you are unsure what day or how often to water your new flowers, please also check with us about this beforehand. This way we can ensure your flowers last for as long as possible. 

If you are looking for a custom floral arrangement, our amazing florist staff will help in every way they can. We have a large enough reserve of arrangements that we most of the time have an arrangement very similar to what you may be looking for. However, be sure to talk to a florist if you do not see something similar to what you have in mind and we will be sure to try our best to find a solution that works. 

How Our Henderson Flower Delivery Process Works

Once you've decided on your beautiful bouquet or floral arrangement and have selected a time for pickup or delivery, you're ready to go! You can easily order your flowers online or give us a call. A trained florist will answer your call to assist with the delivery process and help with any other questions you may have such as the necessary light exposure necessary, proper water care of your new flowers, etc. If you are unsure of what beautiful bouquet of flowers would be best for your specific situation, calling in will also allow us to ask the right questions to determine the best roses or flowers to fit your needs. 

Just think - a flower can make someone's day. Who's day are you ready to make today? 

P.S. If you are seeking nationwide delivery, feel free to call in as well. We have a dependable network of florist partners around the country who are happy to help put together your flower arrangements!