What will impress your significant other and leave them with a lasting smile in Vegas? Well, we can think of one thing. A GIFT of Roses!

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From $99.95 - $119.95
Oh Happy Day
From $79.95 - $99.95
Pretty Posh
From $99.95 - $124.95
1 Dozen Roses
From $99.95 - $124.95
Romantic Gesture
From $89.95 - $109.95
1 Dozen Roses with Lilies
From $109.95 - $134.95
Fantastic Friend
From $89.95 - $109.95
Vision of Love
From $109.95 - $149.95
Because You're You
From $99.95 - $159.95
Grand Bouquet
From $184.95 - $254.95
From $89.95 - $109.95
I Will Always Love You
From $195.00 - $275.00
Orange Cream
From $149.95 - $189.95
Basket of Light
From $79.95 - $109.95

Picture This:

You are celebrating an upcoming anniversary with your loved one. You make reservations at a fancy restaurant and you put on your finest clothes for the occasion. But wait, it feels like you're forgetting something. A GIFT! What will light up your significant other's day? A rose delivery.

The flower that everyone loves to receive is PERFECT for this special occasion. Now that you've figured out the gift, where can you get flower delivery on such short notice in Las Vegas? Here at Tiger Lily Floral, we have you covered. The arrangements and flowers, all available for delivery above, have been custom created to ensure that this gift is one that your special someone will remember for a long time to come.


The Roses Las Vegas Loves

Roses, the beautiful gift that everyone loves to receive. Whether it's a lonely rose used to ask someone to a school dance or a dozen or more roses to express your boundless love, roses have always been a very special flower when it comes to romance and love.

Here at Tiger Lily Floral, our goal is to leave you and your loved one with lasting memories in Las Vegas. We've been servicing Las Vegas with flower delivery services for the last 30 years, providing rose and flower delivery to many amazing and love-filled customers. If you need beautiful flowers or roses for a birthday, anniversary, or special event, then you've come to the right place. Browse our selection of roses above and feel free to call if you have any questions.


What do roses symbolize?

Did you know that every different rose color represents a different type of love? Just like emojis, our roses come in different shapes, sizes, and even colors too! The red rose, also known as the lover's rose, represents long-lasting love and passion for many years to come. Furthermore, the yellow rose expresses friendship and joy, while purple roses symbolize love at first sight. When determining which rose you want for delivery, try to determine what the message is you want to convey. Are these roses for a first date, an upcoming anniversary, or are you simply wishing a friend well? We're happy to walk you through our selection, ensuring you're happy with your selection before placing the order our for delivery in Las Vegas.


What Rose arrangements do you have?

We have over a dozen custom rose arrangements with different flower and rose combinations available for delivery. We service our flowers to constantly ensure our customers are only getting the freshest flowers and roses possible. This service works to our advantage, allowing us to provide customers different themed and colored arrangements based on which roses are currently the freshest in the Las Vegas area. If not specified before delivery, our roses could come in a multitude of colors, so please specify your color choice when checking out as well as over the phone.


The following are some of our current rose bouquets available for delivery:

Pretty Chic: These arrangements consist of a combination of flowers and roses with color matching combinations. We prepare these arrangements in a cubed vase, along with a light ti leaf wrapped around the base to create a flourishing and plentiful effect. Order these flowers for delivery, in the color most fresh and available at the moment in Las Vegas.

Roses by the Dozen: Nothing says 'I love you' like ordering roses by the dozen. We have many variants of this package, ranging from one to five dozen roses, even including a VERY special arrangement, consisting of 100 long stem red roses. Each rose package is cared for by a dedicated florist in the Las Vegas area. Easy package and delivery make these arrangements as convenient for you as possible, ensuring you're ready for any occasion.

Moreover, we offer custom rose packages as well! Our custom rose packages include Tiger Lily Floral and Las Vegas classics, such as our Steps of Love, The Katie, and Pretty in Pink. These arrangements have been created to service any special occasion you and your loved one are having. If you have a custom arrangement in mind or an idea on how we can better assist you, we're always happy to listen to our customers and find the best solution possible.

We also offer flowers and custom delivery packages for customers seeking arrangements for other occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, get well arrangements, thank you flowers, sympathy pieces, and even funeral as well as wedding flowers. If you are ordering for a wedding specifically, we also offer large packages for centerpieces, aisle and event decoration, bouquets, and many more. Be sure to check out our wedding page for more spectacular and unique wedding packages!


Beautiful Flowers and Roses available for pickup and delivery throughout the Las Vegas Area

We have two locations in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, making pickup and delivery easier for us and even easier for you! We offer and service same-day and direct flower delivery to the following areas in Las Vegas: North Las Vegas, Henderson, Green Valley, Summerlin, and Southern Highlands. Truly, we want to make rose delivery as easy and straightforward as possible for you. Roses are very delicate and their delivery needs to be handled with care while being transported through Las Vegas. Our delivery trucks are perfectly structured to handle the Las Vegas weather and roads, ensuring your rose delivery makes it to you as quickly as possible.

A final note on delivery service: We do not provide delivery to: Nellis Air Force Base, Callahan Hospital on the base, Boulder City, Mt Charleston, Kyle Canyon, Indian Springs, Jean, Primm or Sandy Valley, NV. We apologize for any inconvenience.


The florist in Las Vegas who cares

What has allowed us to stay in business all these years? Our customer service. We treat each delivery like family, making sure your flowers are prepared perfectly. Regardless if you are ordering pickup or delivery, our florist will help ensure your flowers are prepared for any occasion and are ready to be transported the safest way possible. Are you ready to give that special someone the gift that keeps on giving?