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Trying to find flowers for someone that LOVES dogs?</P> </br> Hmmm that's definitely going to take some searching through the neighbor's front lawn...or will it? Puppy Love is our adorable solution to this doggone problem. </P> This arrangement features a clever combination of Salal, Green Dianthus, and Roses to make this dog cuter than Scooby Doo wearing a top hat. </p> Hold onto the ribbons and heart tin planter - it's our all-natural human treat for you. </p> <b>Order today for some Puppy Love, and hopefully some Human Love too.</b></p> P.S. Looking to make this pup really stand out? Upgrade to the premium package and add Bells of Ireland to this already playful arrangement.

<p> <ul> <li>Our florists select the freshest flowers available, so colors and varieties may vary due to local availability</li> <li>Container will vary based on availability</li> </ul></p>

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